WHEREAS, we as a church are entrusted with the responsibility to care for and protect the well-being of each member of our church especially those who are vulnerableas well as the well-being of the larger community to which we have been commissioned by Jesus, and

WHEREAS, the health system in our community is facing significant stress due to the coronavirus pandemic and threatening the well-being of our church family and our larger community, some to a greater degree than others, and

WHEREAS, we are committed to one another for the sake of worship, discipleship, and evangelism, even in the midst of a pandemic, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Karmel Covenant Church Board adopts the following required conditions for attendance in all KCC sponsored programs, functions, and gatherings.

1.  All individuals must wear masks in a manner consistent with state and local regulations.

2.  Individuals who have legitimate health reasons that prohibit them from wearing a mask are not required to do so. Children under the age of five are also exempt.

3.  Individuals who develop symptoms within 48 hours of attending a KCC function or program must notify KCC staff for the purpose of contract tracing. Confidentiality concerning personal details will be maintained.

4.  Individuals who develop symptoms or who are exposed to those who develop symptoms must follow the "KCC Wellness Policy" in order to return.

And, be it

RESOLVED,  that we as a church body shall hold one another accountable to this resolution for the sake of our fellowship and mutual ministry and be it

RESOLVED that this resolution shall be in effect until December 11 2020 at which time it shall expire unless extended by Board action.